Diversionary ramblings

 Diversionary ramblings - every thing else lives here

This is a place where I can post the off topic ramblings I am given to & supporting pictures with out affecting the flow of the blogs main theme. This would include my forays into world war one & two gaming & my wanderings in Malifaux & the lands of Saga for a start

First to Malifaux 

These are a few pictures of Malifaux crews by the Spirit Games Malifaux Night crew with pictures by me on a borrowed camera so apologies for the quality

My Guild Crew in detail 

 Witchlings Stalkers
 Sam's Trap Markers

 Body Guards, Guard Captain & two Guild Guard

 Then  over view shots of some of  Jarvis  our rules man & aspirant Henchman's crews

 Mc Mourning



 Lady Justice

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