Monday, 17 October 2011

First Post - Setting the Scene

I have rather fallen in love with the new Warfare League of Augsburg figures and inspired by my wanting to enter their painting competition I have started my first unit which has turned out to be the beginnings of a company of French Militia and I am planing more to take part in a campaign set during the Nine years war in the imaginary Electorate of Marianburg representing an attempt by the French and their allies to persuade the Elector that trading with the enemies of France is a poor idea.

The action starts in the late spring of 1695 when negotiations having broken down after dragging on for nearly two years The French turn to diplomacy by other means and invade the Principality with a force large enough to over awe the Electors small army, including a sizable siege train for the walls of Marienburg are old thick and recently reinforced to modern standards after the fall and destruction of old Creutzfeldt seventy years ago during the thirty years war. However the Elector is wily enough to see this coming and  rich enough to hire several more regiments of horse and foot to supplement them. If the French want to fight about it then the Elector plans to give them one that they will remember.

I intend to use a modified version of TooFatLardies Sharp Practice for small actions with 25-28mm figures

and do larger actions with the League of Augsburg's Beneath the Lilly Banners using 15mm figures

I hope that you will find some amusement following me on this little adventure.

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  1. Interesting, we use "La Longue Carabine", the modified version of Sharp Practice for the French & Indian Wars.
    But I also owe some units of the Marlburian period, and would be interesting modify Sharp Practice Rules for this period.
    I'll follow Your progress.