Monday, 12 December 2011

How many troops

In preparation for the first rules test game I have been thinking of the size of units for my Sharp practice variant. Now I a quite aware that this was in no way standardized but after reading all the orders of battle I could lay my hands on 500 rank and file seems to be about right for a battalion and a 100 for a company. I also decided on one "Big man per two groups" and as both a company at a figure to man ratio of 1:1 and a battalion at 1:5 would work out at 100 figures

This would mean
For a Company of Foot
10 groups of 10 two of which would be pike men giving you 80 musket  & 20 pike men five bigmen Company Captain Lvl 2-3 First Lieutenant Lvl 2-3 ensign Lvl 1-2 & two Sergeants level 1-2. I am aiming at a total of 10 levels of Bigman in a company. Supernumeraries would include musicians & if present a company standard

For a Troop of horse or dragoons
Still thinking about this but about 60 rank and file seems right though I would have to reduce the numbers for horse holders when the Dragoons dismounted & on the rarer occasions when the Horse would.

For a Battalion  of foot
10 groups of 10 two of which would be Grenadiers if present & 2 figures in each musketeer group would be Pikemen.if present. Big Men would be Major or Colonel  Lvl 2-3 Senior captain  Lvl 2-3 Senior Captain Lvl 1-2 & two Captains  level 1-2. I am aiming at a total of 10 levels of Bigman in a battalion. Supernumeraries would include musicians  at least two Drummers Kings & regimental colours or there equivalent & may be a number of troops to form a a colour party.

For a squadren of horse 
I am still thinking about this but about 45 rank & file seems right


  1. For me, for battalion size, the 1:8 ratio is better obtaining companies of twelve figures (the same as Your BLB units).
    Normal Sharp practice units are between 8 and 12 Figures (huge units 20 figures are less affected by shock points).
    A 5 companies battalion needs for me about 4 big men from class I-II sergents to class III-IV Major.

    Thank You

  2. How do You organize Pike Companies in Battalions?
    Do You separate them?
    I'm interested in the Pike/Musket interaction in the same unit. Had the same Company an amount of Pike and one of shot?

    Thank You