Sunday, 29 January 2012

Thoughs on unit sizes by prompted by Abikapi2

I am rather sorry I took so long to get back to this but the blame for that can rather go to the madness which was the Christmass festivities.

I have to be honest not settled on a fixed number of troops for a group of infantry & had not the time to finish my initial ramblings on the subject, I have now & would value your opinion, I picked 10 as I wanted fire fights to be a bit less decisive than with Napoleonic sharp as all my reading suggests they where & 10 is more resilient when it comes to shock than 8, I also considered 12 as this would allow a group to deploy 3 wide & 4 deep for  Rotational fire &  4 wide three deep for Group fire. The 10 strong group on the Battalion level gives you an 80 figure strong Battalion with four Big men if you remove the grenadiers & assume they have been Brigaded together else where.

At the Battalion level two groups are intended to represent a company & would include 1-2 pike men per group & at company level pike would be separated into their own groups.

However all this may change on play testing & the Elector of Marrienburgs first company of foot nears completion so we will see then.

Thank you Stefano

This is coincidently the post I thought the internet had eaten hence the test post a bit expanded 

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  1. Well, it seems that playtesting is running, i'm pleased to see the results on this blob.

    Thank You for Your Job.